Tohoku Postmortem Brain and DNA Bank
for Psychiatric Research

Postmortem Brain Bank of Fukushima for Psychiatric Research




■ Current Storage Status

The laboratory has two large deep freezers. In the event of an emergency breakdown, an alarm will sound and a liquid carbon dioxide compressed gas cylinder will be automatically activated. In principle, the left hemisphere is stored at a temperature of -80℃, and the right hemisphere is preserved by formalin fixation.


 There are 52 cases actually stored at the bank

・ 32 cases of schizophrenia
・ 7 cases of bipolar disorder
・ 1 case of mental retardation, epilepsy
・ 2 cases of dementia
・ 2 cases of healthy control
・ 6 cases of other

Of the 50 stored cases

・ 9 cases of complete brain fixation
・ 41 cases of right hemisphere fixation and left hemisphere freezing

 2 cases are preserved in the Pathology Department (1 case of brain abscess,1 case of long term artificial respirator use)

 ■ Co-administrator of postmortem brain samples stored at the bank
   Yuko Hashimoto, M.D.,Ph.D., Professor, Department of Diagnostic Pathology,
   Fukushima Medical University. She has been licensed to perform autopsy since 1996.

 ■ Neuropathological examination of postmortem brain samples
   We entrust the neuropathological examination of postmortem brain samples to
   Shigeo Murayama, M.D.,Ph.D., Chairman and Director, Department of Neurology,
   Neuropathology & Bio-resource Center
   (The Brain Bank for Aging Research), Tokyo Metropolitan Geriatric Hospital & Institute of

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